Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Wedding Jar Part 2

waiting for finishing handles and lettering
In the post before, I documented the steps used to create the inset slabs with the pine needle decoration. The slabs were assembled into a box form and now I have the box with the neck, the lid, and the foot ring as you can see here.

Many people that have not worked with a circle over a square like the neck would assume it is by guess work. Not really, the secret is to use the distance between the sides for the inside diameter of the thrown neck, and then to use the diagonal dimension between corners for the outside of the neck. Once the neck has stiffened up to at least cheese hard, I join it on to the box using magic water, a combination of sodium silica and soda ash,  following the standard scoring always good to help with a clean join.

The foot ring on the bottom was thrown with the outside side measurements, and joined on the same as the neck. I am not certain yet if I am happy with the height of the ring yet, but can still trim it down and thicken the base rim needed.

At this point the neck/box join is in need of further refinement by scraping with hack saw blades and smoothing with rubber ribs. I will also add the wedding dates, names of the couple, and finish the lid with a handle and some matching slip colored rings. I will add those images to the blog as soon as completed.

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