Saturday, May 4, 2013

Darker clay body

 The last time I ordered clay, I decided to try a darker body. I ordered the Hazelnut Brown from Standard Ceramics. This body has a richer brown color that show nicely where the clay is unglazed as near the bottom, and around lids. However, it will require some reworking of the glazes and the surface treatment as the glazes will all be darker over this clay.

In order to deal with this, I started using white slip over the clay in the wet stage working though it with combs. So far pleased with the effect.
Bowl of Hazelnut Brown with white slip on rim glazed in Teal Blue and Rutile Green(Van Gilder)

I think this will also require some adjustments in the glaze colors, so this summer will be spent on a series of  glaze experiments and test tiles. Hopefully I will be able to have a new look for pots by the Fall.
Bowl with same treatment as above with cut rim.

The two bowls here were created for the Open Bowl initiative that is run by one of the three  Altoona Junior High School art teachers, Ann Bickel. I try to make a few pieces for a good cause when I can. The proceed for this goes to a local food bank, and to a JHS program for their own students. 

I have been preparing chalice and paten orders for the Order of St. Luke, and have sent out half of the order. The chalice on the right is one from the recent batch with the Hazelnut Brown with white slip over top. It is glazed using Waxy white and Nutmeg, both recipes from Van Gilder. I am pleased with the texture, but feel I still need to adjust some of the glaze color.

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